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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Excited or excuses???

Aku tengah blaja bio tek, then aku asa cm mk tgk biasa la nak,good side of myself versus the bad side one..then,i keep wondering and make i really need to update this blog???finally,the bad side wins...( i guessed)..dengan alasan,mok tulis la..excited bah da blog..hhahaha..but,meanwhile,as i type this word..yeah,exactly,now...aku pun terfikir yg aku tgh polah excuses k x baca, the core 4 this is i'm lazy n have to take a,i guessed its enough rest till now,so...hopefully she will text me after this,so that i will not as bored as now..mind my lang,just stand 4 what our beloved teacher,miss rabiah had told me,if you want to be good at english,you have to practice it always,so maybe this blog is the medium 4 me to enhance my,just mind my miss rabiah,thanks a lot miss!!! till now!!! cheerio guys!!!

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